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Side events

May 30 to June 3, 2022
Conférence internationale

→ Guided tour

Monday, 30 May from 2pm to 5pm. An offered guided tour of the city is organised with a touristic guide, in English. The starting point and arrival of the guided tour will be at the Place Bellecour. You will be able to sign up for this visit at the final stage of the registration.

→ Technical visits

The programme of the technical visits on Friday, 3rd June, is still being built, and will be published soon. Please note that you will be back in Lyon before 4:30 pm.

→ ENEN PhD Event & Prize

This is an action of the European Nuclear Education Network (ENEN), on a yearly basis, to support the Research and Science in the Nuclear fields promoting the work of the young scientists and researchers who start their career finishing their PhD. The ENEN PhD Event & Prize will consist of up to 12 PhD presentations nominated by ENEN Members and selected by the ENEN PhD Prize Jury. The event, organised in a parallel session, is divided into several sessions according to the subjects. The participants will make a presentation of their research work for 25 minutes followed by 5 minutes questions and discuss in a competitive but friendly environment.

More info here

Three awarded ENEN PhD Prizes related peer-reviewed papers should be published within the international Open Access Journal (EPJ-N) topical issue on FISA 2022 – EURADWASTE ’22 Awards and later within the conferences proceedings.

→ Nuclear innovation prizes in Safety of reactor systems and in radioactive waste management

The ‘Nuclear Innovation Prize’ (call closed) is meant to give visibility to the most dynamic, forward-looking and innovative researchers, research teams or industrial contestants, with a prize planned to be delivered by European Commissioner Mariya Gabriel for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth (tbc).

  • Nuclear Innovation Prize in safety of reactor systems 
    1st place: EUR 50,000 / 2nd place: EUR 30,000 and 3rd place: EUR 20,000
  • Nuclear Innovation Prize in radioactive waste management
    1st place: EUR 50,000 / 2nd place: EUR 30,000 and 3rd place: EUR 20,000

Six awarded Nuclear Innovation Prizes related peer-reviewed papers should be published within the international Open Access Journal (EPJ-N) topical issue on FISA 2022 – EURADWASTE ’22 Awards and later within the conferences proceedings.

→ ENS-YGN matchmaking events

ENS-YGN is a vibrant network connecting all Nuclear Young Generation Networks over Europe. These events, including Young Generation workshops, are a huge opportunity for Students, MSc/PhDs or young professionals to meet national / European / International leading managers, innovators and researchers from public and private research organisations.

Around 200 candidates will be selected after having submitted their CV. In depth 30 min face-to-face matchmaking interviews and networking opportunities will be organised for them with leading national / international managers, participating companies or even recruiters. This event will allow companies active in the nuclear industry, public and private research organisations or academia, to meet and interview students, graduates, engineers and experienced professionals to start or pursue their career within Europe and beyond. Institutions such as Nuclear Valley or GIFEN will take part in the event.

ENS -YGN Workshop I –  “Are you ready for the international job market?”
Get ready for a career in nuclear sector! Join this webinar, organised with ENEN and Thomas Thor Associates, which aims to provide practical advices, information, new tools and techniques for a brilliant, international career.

ENS – YGN Workshop II – “Don’t waste it!”

A special session to learn how to speak about nuclear and to share our passion for it. Focusing on the example of nuclear waste, speakers will show how to communicate science, how to lead engaging conversations and to provide facts in an understandable way! A great opportunity … don’t waste it!

ENS – YGN Workshop III – Nuclear for Climate – Positive campaigning on nuclear topics

Global climate activism is more and more engaging, as climate change is day by day more pressing. Grassroots movements, like Nuclear for Climate, are leading successful campaigns sensitising people and, specifically for N4C, aiming to increase the public awareness of the crucial role nuclear power in reducing CO2 emissions and supporting decarbonization. #NetZeroNeedsNuclear COP26 campaign has been a huge success, that we want to replicate.

Climate Fresk” – let’s play! – interactive sessions during the conference

Hugely popular among French enthusiasts of environmental topics, the educational game ‘Climate Fresk’ helps with in-depth understanding of the cause-effect relationship of climate change. Thanks to the discussion-based form, it is adapted for all ages and profiles making it a wonderful occasion for all interested participants to learn and reflect about the issues that concern us all and for which nuclear energy is one of the essential elements solving the puzzle.

→ Posters Gallery

An opportunity to present your research results, within or related to the topics covered, at the conferences, to the Euratom and International Research Community. PhD/MSc Students (under 35 years’ old) are encouraged to submit abstracts related to the dedicated topics of the conferences, as well as R&D researchers from organisations not directly involved in projects co‑funded by Euratom. Find more information about the poster competitions in the Calls and Guidelines section.

→ Exhibition, B2B

Exhibition booths will be set up for 16 organisations to showcase advancements in various cross-cutting innovative, engineering, industrial and high-tech technologies relevant to nuclear and non-nuclear applications, radiation protection, radioactive waste management and geological repository development. Exhibition booths will remain open during all sessions and breaks and will give the opportunity for intensive B2B meetings. If you are interested in booking a booth, please contact us at

→ Workshops

Dedicated workshops will be organised throughout the week by projects, platforms… The detailed programme will give more details about the content.

The organising committee remains at your disposal to analyse your needs. Contact us at