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Topics & Leaders

From Dec 8, 2022 to Feb 16, 2023
Conférence internationale

Main sessions  (as stand-alone)

How digital twins, PLM approaches, data aggregator, system engineering help to optimize design and gain performance ? How can it fit to the need of extended partnerships ? What is the right place for increased computations ?
Guillaume Montandon (EGIS) and Anthime Farda (CEA)

Construction of large plants as well as manufacturing of critical components are demanding to meet the industry performance expectations : how can digital tools help in securing the planning, avoiding rework, keeping the project on-track ? Can we rely on AI? Is there a place for robotics, drones, image processing ?…

Claude Duval (EDF) and Jean Dhers (FRAMATOME)​

Deploying digital technologies in the nuclear industry must serve the simplification of operation and maintenance activities, then leading to improved safety and cost-effectiveness.  Many digital solutions have been deployed in the past years. What are the lessons learned in terms of benefits, technical, organizational and human challenges ?
Sebastien Diaz (NUVIA) and Patrick Morilhat (EDF)

Dismantling and decommissioning (D&D) opérations of nuclear facilities are a long process along which data must stay consistent and persistent. How can digital technology anticipate and manage the uncertainties of dismantling projects ? How can digital reduces schedules ? Can we learn « performance » from the experiences ‘stored’ in digital ?
Magali Saluden (CEA) and Philippe Derycke (Orano CORP)

Additional focused areas  (as stand-alone or associated with a main session)

Many improvements were performed in data exchanges, collaborative platforms and remote inspections. Secured and sovereign digital might enable faster exchanges among stakeholders including regulators and inspections companies. How far is it possible to share digital tools with these bodies? Would AI acceptable to support safety related assessment?
Bertrand de l’Epinois (EDF) and Jean-Pierre Durand (Bureau Veritas)

Digital solutions are expected delivering industrial benefits : improved quality and productivity, information security, enhanced collaboration. What are the success factors and lessons learned when moving a digital prototype through TRL levels ? What are the good practices for spreading ‘local’ development to global application at large scale?
 Jean-Eudes Guilhot Gaudeffroy (ASSYSTEM) and David Roux (GIFEN)