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SCHEDULE : A European Project

March 07 to 08, 2023
Conférence internationale

Use of offsite modular SCS (Steel Concrete Structures) for nuclear civil engineering

The conference is dedicated to a European project focused on construction efficiency of nuclear power plant. At this conference, delegates will hear directly from the project team about the experience gained in modelling, design, manufacture, construction and partial dismantling of a full-scale replica of diesel generator building using a modular form of construction.They will also have the opportunity to visit and inspect the demonstration building.

Whilst the demonstration building is typical of one used on nuclear sites, this form of construction has applications in other sectors as an alternative to reinforced concrete; for example, it has proved very successful for the construction of core walls in high rise buildings.

Preliminary program

Introduction to SC construction and background to the project


Design of the demonstration building


Use of BIM in the project


Detailing and fabrication of SC modules

➔ Peikko

Logistics (storage requirements, handling, transportation, etc)

➔ Peikko

Building construction

➔ Bouygues

SCHEDULE Project Partners: The Steel Construction Institute, EDF, CEA, EGIS, Bouygues, Peikko and ArcelorMittal (Industeel and OCAS).


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