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Authors Guidelines & Topics

May 4 to 6, 2022
Conférence internationale
May 2020 Call for abstracts & abstracts submission starts
Extended October 30, 2021 Abstracts submission ends
December, 2021 Authors notification (Oral & poster selections)
••• ➔ March 15, 2022 Extended abstract submission ends (Oral & poster selections)
April 25-29, 2022 PPT submission (Oral selections)

By submitting an abstract, each author agrees to present the accepted contribution (oral or poster) and to register to the event (one registration is required for each accepted paper).

 Abstracts content and selection process
The selection in oral and poster sessions will process the relevance of the subject with the aforementioned topics. Sufficient details must be included in the abstract for reviewing.

 Extended abstracts content
2 to 6 pages, required after the first review process for all accepted oral and poster presentations.

All submissions must be in English.

 Author responsibility
It is the responsibility of the author to get all internal reviews and institution approvals prior submission.

The extended abstracts will be published in the proceedings of the symposium.

The abstracts and extended-abstracts must be submitted in pdf format. It is the author’s responsibility to check the pdf version of the abstract to ensure proper final use (in particular check the “embed all fonts” option). The template is the same for abstracts and extended abstracts.

➔ Oral presentations

Here is some useful information to prepare your oral presentation:​
15-minute slot: 12 minute presentation + 3-minute Q&A
15 slides max.
Microsoft Powerpoint file
Your presentation will be display in landscape orientation on 16/9 screens.

We recommend to:

Use high-contrast lettering and readable fonts (minimum font size of 24).
Use standard Windows fonts only. (avoid original fonts)
Use high-contrast colours (light text on dark background or vice versa).
A maximum of 7 lines per slide and 5 words per line will improve the communication value of your slide​​

➔ Poster presentations

Poster presentation to be displayed on the poster board at your disposal onsite
Please note that the format to take in consideration is A0​
So you have to prepare and print a flyer according this size: 841 mm x 1.189 mm