Radiolysis Workshop - Sfen

Radiolysis Workshop

Sept. 25 to 28, 2023
Conférence internationale

13th workshop on radiolysis, electrochemistry and material Performance

The 1st workshop on light water reactor (LWR) coolant radiolysis and electrochemistry was held in 1998 to discuss and to exchange on the fundamental basis of water radiolysis and electrochemistry and their application to LWR fields. As the previous editions the 13th International Workshop on Radiolysis, Electrochemistry and Material Performance will be  held in conjunction with NPC (International Conference on Nuclear Plant Chemistry). This workshop will cover any aspect of aqueous electrochemistry, radiation chemistry and corrosion under irradiation relevant to any part of the nuclear cycle.

Radiolysis / Radiation chemistry / Electrochemistry:

  1. in operating nuclear reactor systems (boiling water reactor and pressurised water reactor).
  2. relevant to nuclear waste storage, including spent fuel pools.
  3. in new nuclear reactor plant designs like super-critical water reactors.