Pre-Registration - Sfen


May 30 to June 3, 2022
Conférence internationale

We require your attention

To participate to Snetp Forum on Thursday 2, a pre-registration is needed either for Fisa or Euradwaste conferences. At the registration stage, you will be able to choose in details your involvement in the Forum.

If you wish to participate in both the Fisa and Euradwaste sessions, it is not necessary to preregister twice. Only one preregistration is necessary. The registration stage will allow you to detail your participation.

The access to this event is entirely free of charges(*) but submitted to a pre-registration process.

(*): Are included: access to conference rooms, side events (participating to B2B and YGN matchmaking will require references from all participants participating to the conferences) + conference materials + daily catering (lunches & refreshment breaks) + gala dinner + social events (welcome cocktail, conference reception). Students are eligible for financial support, upon conditions, as mentioned in the programme.