DEM 2024 - Sfen

DEM 2024

May 27 to 29, 2024
Conférence internationale

Long term Decommissioning programs of nuclear facilities (NPPs, fuel cycle plants, research facilities, etc.) are major stakes for the nuclear industry, and we need innovation initiatives.

How to trigger innovation ? How could we attract young researchers and engineers in D&D ? What are the next D&D, recycling and waste management challenges ?  How to anticipate the future dismantling of very new projects, as SMR and AMR ?

This SFEN international conference is a unique opportunity to share worldwide experience in the field of Decommissioning Strategy and Program DevelopmentRegulation EvolutionDevelopment of New D&Ds’ TechnologiesInitial Radiological State Characterization, Feedback & Challenges of D&D Complex Operations, Material and Radioactive Waste ManagementBuildings and Sites RehabilitationEconomic, Financial Aspects and Contracting of Dismantling OperationsDigital Contribution to D&D Operations.

About Sfen

The French Nuclear Society is the French knowledge hub for nuclear energy. Created in 1973, the Sfen provides a space where all those who are interested in nuclear energy and its applications can obtain and exchange information.

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