DEM 2021 - Sfen

DEM 2021

September 13 to 15, 2021
Conférence internationale

International Conference on Decommissioning Challenges: Industrial Reality, Lessons Learned and Prospects

Long term Decommissioning programs of nuclear facilities (NPPs, fuel cycle plants, research facilities, etc.) are major stakes for the nuclear industry, with need to go safer, cheaper, faster.

This SFEN international conference is a unique opportunity to share worldwide experience in the field of Decommissioning:Dismantling Strategy and Program Development, Regulation Evolution, Development of New D&Ds’ Technologies, Initial Radiological State Characterization, Project Feedback Experience, Material and Radioactive Waste Management, Buildings and Sites Rehabilitation, Economic and Financial Aspects of Dismantling Operations, Stakeholders Involvements and Public Acceptance, Digital Contribution to Dismantling Operations, Decommissioning of Damaged Nuclear Facilities.


01 • Dismantling Strategy and Program Development

➔ Estelle Desroches, EDF


02 • Regulation Evolution

➔ Sidonie Royer-Maucotel, CEA


03 • Development of New D&Ds' Technologies

➔ Michel Pieraccini, EDF & Jean-Luc Fournié, Framatome


04 • Initial Radiological State Characterization

➔ Danielle Roudil, CEA


05 • Project Feedback Experience

➔ Eric Gouhier, CEA


06 • Material and Radioactive Waste Management

➔ Frédéric Legée, ANDRA


07 • Buildings and Sites Rehabilitation

➔ Grégoire Augé, ONET Technologies


08 • Economic and Financial Aspects of Dismantling Operations

➔ Philippe Derycke, ORANO


09 • Stakeholders Involvements and Public Acceptance

➔ Thierry Taponard, EDF


10 • Digital Contribution to Dismantling Operations

➔ Jean-Christophe Casteigts, EDF & Cyril Moitrier, CEA


​ 11 • Decommissioning of Damaged Nuclear Facilities

➔ Christine Georges, CEA


About Sfen

The French Nuclear Society is the French knowledge hub for nuclear energy. Created in 1973, the Sfen provides a space where all those who are interested in nuclear energy and its applications can obtain and exchange information.