Nos conférences

Convention Sfen 2021


 SAVE THE DATE : 29 Mars - 02 Avril 
L’objet de notre convention "L'essor de nos territoires", est de permettre aux acteurs locaux de discuter sur la valeur apportée par l’énergie nucléaire dans les différentes régions tant du point de vue de ses bénéfices pour l’environnement qu’en matière de retombées économiques.  
Pour la première fois, la convention nationale de la Sfen, en partenariat avec le Gifen, se déclinera partout en France sous la forme de webinaires organisés par nos groupes régionaux.

DEM 2021


    CALL FOR ABSTRACTS ! Deadline January 15    

International Conference on Decommissioning Challenges: Industrial Reality, Lessons Learned and Prospects

13 - 15 September 2021 | Avignon, France

Long term Decommissioning programs of nuclear facilities (NPPs, fuel cycle plants, research facilities, etc.) are major stakes for the nuclear industry, with need to go safer, cheaper, faster.



  CALL FOR ABSTRACTS !  Deadline January 15 

International Symposium on Cement-Based Materials for Nuclear Wastes
15-17 September 2021 | Avignon, France

Cementation is a widely applied technique for the conditioning of low - and intermediate - level radioactive wastes.  However, specific issues have still to be addressed, such as the limitation of adverse cement-waste interactions which may affect the quality of the resulting solidified waste form, or the understanding and prediction of long-term properties of the waste packages and cement barriers. There is also a need for safe processes minimizing the production of secondary wastes, and for monitoring techniques of cemented waste packages and cement barriers. The objective is to promote the exchange of advanced information on the ongoing research and development activities dealing with cementation of nuclear wastes, from elaboration of waste packages to their final disposal.​

NPC - International Conference on Nuclear Plant Chemistry



International Conference on Nuclear Plant Chemistry | Sept. 27 > Oct. 01 2021 | Antibes - Juan-les-Pins, France.

The conference focuses on the latest developments in science and technology of water chemistry control in nuclear reactor systems from around the world. This conference offers an important chemistry technology transfer opportunity for the global nuclear industry. In addition, a separate but coordinated workshop on radiation chemistry and electrochemistry will be held to exchange and discuss important work and information on various aspects of radiation and electrochemistry effects in the nuclear industry.