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TINCE 2018

TINCE 2018

28 - 31 Aug. 2018 | Paris-Saclay, France - Designing consists in reaching a goal submitted to a set of constraints. Nuclear civil structure follows the same path. But what about design optimization? It seems unnatural since nuclear civil structure have to be sized with large margins compared to the conventional ones. This will be red line of the forthcoming conference, because within the optimization is hidden the core, the essence of the civil engineering: understanding how it works to better forecast the long term behavior with an initial competitive and safe design. [...]



17 - 20 Sept. 2018 | Avignon, France - As for the 8 previous editions since 1985 the symposium deals with Light Water NPPs' field experience from the materials point of view. Irradiation surveillance programs, corrosion or fatigue problems, aging management are in the scope of the conference. Presentations will be organized around the following key technical issues, systems and components: Pressure Vessel Components and Internals, Stainless Steel & Nickel-based Alloy Areas, Piping, Pumps, Valves, Steam Generator, Steam Water Systems, Turbine - Alternator, Fuel - Control Rod Assembly, Civil Engineering... Completed by an additional topic: Electrical Equipments.

DEM 2018


22 - 24 Oct. 2018 | Avignon, France - This SFEN international conference is a unique opportunity to share worldwide experience in this field , concerning regulatory, scientific and technical challenges of decontamination and dismantling, development of new dismantling’s technologies, social aspects, financial issue, industrial stakes, material and waste management, remediation, …



24 - 26 Oct. 2018 | Palais des Papes - Avignon, France - 3rd International Symposium on Cement-Based Materials for Nuclear Wastes. After the success of NUWCEM 2011 and NUWCEM 2014, the objective of this third symposium will be to promote the exchange of advanced information on the most recent research and development activities dealing with cementation of nuclear wastes, from elaboration of waste packages to their final disposal. The first day of the symposium will be organized concomitantly with the DEM 2018 Conference to bring together communities from the different branches of decontamination & dismantling and waste conditioning.