Sponsors and benefactors

The SFEN is a non-profit association of natural persons which benefits from the patronage of firms and other organisations involved in the French nuclear sector. Historically, EDF, CEA, Framatome and COGEMA (now AREVA) played an important role in the creation of the association.



Founded in 1979, the French National Agency for Radioactive Waste Management (ANDRA -“Agence nationale pour la gestion des déchets radioactifs”) is a state-owned industrial and commercial enterprise. It is responsible for the long term management of all radioactive waste in France. 





Created in 2011 from the merger of COGEMA, Framatome and Technicatome, AREVA is one of the most important nuclear players in the world. The group’s activities cover all the stages in the nuclear life cycle from uranium mining to the manufacturing of nuclear fuel and include reactor construction and nuclear fuel transport.





ASSYSTEM was founded in 1966. It was the first ever independent European nuclear engineering company. Assystem is present at all the stages of the nuclear cycle from fuel production to fuel recycling and from the design and commission of nuclear installations to their dismantling.




Founded in 1945, the French Commission for Atomic Energy and Alternative Energy Sources (Commissariat à l'énergie atomique et aux énergies alternatives (CEA)) is a government funded scientific research organism. Internationally renowned for the quality of its work, the CEA provides the government and industrialists with the necessary expertise and cutting-edge innovation to develop an increasingly safe, sustainable and competitive nuclear industry.




Created in 1946 after the nationalisation of a number of electricity generating companies, Electricité de France (EDF) has become the largest producer and supplier of electricity in France and worldwide. The group operates the largest nuclear fleet in the world with 58 reactors in France and 15 in the United Kingdom.





Resulting from the 2008 merger of Gaz de France and Suez, ENGIE operates 7 reactors in Belgium via its subsidiary Electrabel. It holds shares in the French nuclear power plants of Chooz and Tricastin and special drawing rights in Germany.




Initially founded in 1860 as a service company in office-cleaning, Onet is now engaged in a broad spectrum of nuclear trades from engineering to reactor maintenance. Today, Onet Technologies is a turnkey lead contractor offering customised solutions in dismantling, decontamination, nuclear clean-up and waste management as well as in asbestos removal. 




Founded in 1946, REEL specialises in the design, manufacturing, commissioning and maintenance of lifting and handling equipment. The group is involved in all the key stages of the nuclear cycle. REEL is particularly present in the handling and storage of nuclear fuel or in the supply of heavy-duty, high-security cranes.