Our missions

The French Nuclear Energy Society, SFEN, (Société Française d’Energie Nucléaire) is the French knowledge hub for nuclear energy. Created in 1973, the SFEN provides a space where all those who are interested in nuclear energy and its applications can obtain and exchange information.

The SFEN brings together 3 600 professionals, engineers, technicians, chemists, doctors, professors and students from industrial sites and from the French nuclear research organisations.

The SFEN is a not-for-profit, voluntary association of natural persons under the French law of 1901.

The SFEN’s four missions are: 

To communicate, share and publish information

In order to make information concerning the nuclear question as accessible as possible to the greatest number of people, the SFEN is actively present on the internet and in social networks. It contributes to developing the general public’s knowledge of nuclear energy and its civil applications. On the Society’s blog, energies.sfen.org, members of the association share their expertise and provide their enlightened insights on current nuclear events and issues in France and across the world. 

The SFEN has been publishing its « RGN » magazine (Revue Générale Nucléaire) ever since 1975 and this review has become a reference in the nuclear editorial world.   Read the RGN and discover the daily involvement of the women and men who “make nuclear work”, discover the latest innovations, follow technological progress and experience the SFEN’s key events. In each issue you will find an article developing the technical aspects of a topical subject, a report on a central energy issue, a personal portrait, an analytical investigation and various articles and links concerning nuclear energy and the Society.

To highlight the nuclear sector’s scientific excellence and technical rigour 

Our fellow citizens could not possibly trust in us if they were not confident in our intellectual integrity. It is for this reason that the SFEN has always paid particular attention to ensuring the scientific excellence and technical rigour of its work. In its publications, the association takes great care to relay only the official data and figures provided by French, European or international institutional, governmental or scientific bodies who are recognised authorities in their field of expertise.

Nuclear represents France’s third most important industry, and the men and women involved in this industry share the same high level of dedication and rigour in their work. The SFEN strives to promote this dedication to quality. Every year, the association chooses to spotlight works conducted in nuclear research or in information diffusion. Whether they concern scientific or technical developments, theses related to the safety of nuclear installations, works designed to contribute to public awareness, scientific and technical advances in nuclear energy … the SFEN Awards pay tribute to the outstanding excellence of those engaged in the French nuclear sector.


To play an active role in discussions

The SFEN is consulted across a broad range of nuclear-related subjects: new-build projects for industrial or research reactors, radioactive waste repositories and storage sites, proposed legislation, national energy debate….

The association brings its rigorous and expert understanding of the issues at stake, completing the information provided and enabling each and every member of the public to forge his /her own fully-informed opinions on nuclear related questions.   

To federate the women and men who work in the nuclear sector

The SFEN actively encourages the pooling of scientific knowledge and fosters debates between different technical points of view that are essential to innovate and move forward.

The association establishes partnerships with a variety of French or foreign organisations. 

The SFEN promotes knowledge transfer between the worlds of  research and industry by organising conferences and seminars during which participants can voice their ideas, share their knowledge and experiences and present their results and objectives.