Our Charter of Values

Humanity is facing numerous challenges: the combat against climate change, the economic development of emerging countries, the need to provide access to electricity for 1.5 billion men and women in the world….

The SFEN and its members are convinced that, if well-mastered, technical progress and technological innovation can continue to provide credible solutions. In the face of these challenges, nuclear energy can, in its own way, be « part of the solution ».     

Four founding values uphold the SFEN’s actions:

Intellectual and moral integrity

The SFEN is committed to diffusing reliable information based on scientific facts, allowing each and every person to objectively build his /her own appreciation of the characteristics of nuclear energy. 


Convinced of the necessity to encourage debates and dialogues, the SFEN seeks to involve and exchange with all those who are interested in nuclear energy and its applications, whether they are specialists in the field or not. 

Duty to inform

It is the SFEN’s duty to adapt to all categories of public. The association makes sure to use a pedagogical approach when transmitting information to all those who wish to have a better understanding of the role of nuclear in the energy mix. 

Respect for the environment and health

The SFEN favours the development of diversified energy sources and technologies which contribute to the combat against climate change: renewable energy sources, carbon capture and sequestration…

The association seeks to expand knowledge of the biological effects of radioactivity. It supports actions to improve radiation protection techniques and the safety of nuclear installations.